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Harry Robinson on Oct 06, 2022 at 09:10 AM
18.99 €
price per report

Review Rating (167)

30-day money-back guarantee
  • Odometer clocking
  • Stolen vehicle databases
  • Damaged and salvaged vehicles
  • Photos of the vehicle
  • More expensive than the competitors
  • Sometimes the reports don't include enough records

Is autoDNA legit?

autoDNA service is one of the largest sites in Europe and World Wide, offering vehicle history reports and other vehicle VIN checks online. autoDNA vehicle history reports provide information about used cars and their history.

Service offers own car history reports as well as the world’s largest providers of vehicle history information from automotive industry. Thanks to our reports many customers are protected from buying used car with unknown history.

autoDNA is one of the largest used cars database World Wide. Simple working method and constant availability of the website and services allow to use platform on many new tools, devices and systems. In order to use our tools only VIN number is needed. After you enter VIN number you recieve information about available vehicle history reports and other services.

It offers search milions of records about used vehicles and cars. All information are presented in a simple way and understandable for everyone in vehicle history report. We know that our customers expect comprehensive information. Constantly and systematically we update our database and obtain next partners for cooperation to be able to satisfy our Customers.

autodna vin decoder

Why should I choose autoDNA?

autoDNA reports only include verified information from reliable sources such as national administratIon, financial institutions and central registers of vehicles.

They’ve been operating since 2010. Years of experience have taught us what information is most important for buyers of second-hand cars.

Stolen vehicle database contains information about specific countries, where the car you are checking could have been reported as stolen.

Vehicle usage (official use), describing purpose of the vehicle( e.g. taxi, leasing, inlude also information about previous technical inspection and information about previous owner).

History prices showing previous valuation in auction sites on the Internet and through inquiry to autoDNA.

Report summary:

1. Main information, contain: basic vehicle information, check stolen cars databases, manufacturer recalls/flaws and information about the manufacturer.

2. Vehicle history, which groups odometer readings, history damages and the history of prices and vehicle usage (official use): taxi, leasing, previous registration and owners, information about technical inspections.

3. Additional information, including supplemental information: vehicle equipment, archival photographs of the vehicle (if available), as well as last enquiries showing the previous query about a specific VIN.

autoDNA price:

autoDNA has several deals per year, to check if one of those deals are available now. go to

Regular price: 20.90 € for 1 report

  • + 9 € Report for vehicles from Belgium
  • + 4,90 € Report for vehicles from the Netherlands
  • + 9 € Report for vehicles from France
  • + 9 € Report for vehicles from USA
  • + 12,90 € AutoCheck Report
  • + 9,90 € Report for vehicles from Estonia

autoDNA review:

AutoDNA offered an excellent service, providing me with evidence that the odometer was manipulated and even a number of pictures of the car from a rental company that clearly showed the higher odometer. The service is great and saved me from buying a car with over 100,000 km more than stated. My only suggestion would be to further increase the coverage with more country-level databases. Would never buy a used car without checking here first.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a VIN decoder report?

Depending on the report type, prices are as follows:
autoDNA Vehicle History Report: from 5,4€ (the price depends on the amount of information in the report)
autoDNA vehicle history report from USA: 9€
autoDNA vehicle history report from Estonia: 9,9€
autoDNA vehicle history report from Netherlands: 4,9€
autoDNA vehicle history report from France: 9€
autoDNA vehicle history report from Belgium: 9€
AutoCheck report: 12,9€

What kind of information I will get from report?

We strongly recommend that you do this every time you want to check a new VIN. Not only can you do this free of charge but it will also tell you what information you can expect to see in the report.
If before purchase in some section(for example Vehicle History) there are no entries, this means that they will not be available after buying the paid version
Checking the vehicle doesn’t only mean explaining its history, mileage and accidents. It also means checking its original configuration, body colour, equipment, target market and a number of other factors.
Do you want more information about our reports?

For which vehicles you can buy report?

You can buy report for all vehicles (e. g. cars, trucks , buses, motorcycles, mopeds) which have a VIN number consisting of 17 characters in accordance with ISO – 3779.

How can I check vehicle history with autoDNA?

Step 1 – Enter a 17-character VIN number in the VIN field and click Check VIN
Step 2 – The information availability page will open; it will show you what information regarding the vehicle whose number you are checking is available. By clicking “Buy the report” in the bottom right corner you will be able to purchase the report and download it in PDF format file.
Step 3 – Choose what report you want to purchase, enter the e-mail address you want it sent to and choose the method of payment. After the purchase is made, a proof of payment will be sent to your e-mail address.
Step 4 – You will be able to see the selected report on-line but we will also send it to the e-mail address you provided during registration

How long do I have to wait for my VIN decoder report?

You will get a report automatically after receiving the payment on your e mail. Depending on the payment method for accounting for payments we need a few minutes upwards.

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