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  • Besides all the details that others companies offer too, EpicVIN has a Free Check Report where you can check out the unique vehicle information for any us based car. Upon entering the vin, you will get an instant and free report on the details.

Is EpicVIN legit?

EpicVin is an online VIN check database for those looking for vehicle history report. Just try this VIN checker and receive car history check. EpicVIN’s database contains billions of vehicle history entries, including accident history, title and brand records, mileage and other information that will make it easy for anyone to understand the ins and outs of a used vehicle before buying it.

Why should I choose EpicVIN?

At EpicVin, you receive verified data updated in real time that’s collected based on your VIN. The source is the largest and most trustworthy U.S. database — NMVTIS. Here you can get all the essential information about the used car you’ve bought or are planning to buy. An online VIN check reveals all the data you need to know to feel safe and confident about your vehicle.

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EpicVIN Price:

1 REPORT: $14.99

4 REPORTS: $28.17

16 REPORTS: $86.34

EpicVIN review:

The easy to use EpicVIN VIN decoder turns out to be extremely useful for those who want to be doubly sure of the deal right before making a purchase. When you come across a deal that looks too good to be true, it is always advised to check this free tool and verify the whole story once. With a little check, you can save a whole lot of money and also avoid legal hassles which may otherwise arise.

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