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Simon Will on Feb 05, 2023 at 12:02 PM
best volkswagen vin decoder

If you are a vehicle owner, we are sure you have heard about the best Volkswagen VIN decoder. But it’s not simple to find a suitable VIN decoder that also goes with your needs and budget requirement. However, in this writing, we will try to cover important areas that will help you make buying decisions. So, here you will find the fastest VIN decoders that can create precise reports in seconds. 

What is a VIN decoder?

VIN is a code that compromises 17-digits and helps buyers identify the vehicle’s specifications. The main aim of the Volkswagen VIN decoder is to crack the code and provide vehicle information. Legally, two cars can’t use the exact VIN, and if it’s happening, we call it “VIN CLONING.” We use VIN cloning when two vehicles replace the original code with the fake one. Usually, people do it by replacing the code of the same make and model. However, it’s crucial to run an analysis to check the vehicles’ authenticity. 

General info that the VIN decoder tells

Volkswagen isn’t different from other luxurious vehicles. You can use the Volkswagen VIN to learn everything about the vehicle. Here are the following main things that a good and reputable can tell:

Vehicle’s characteristicsHistoryRecall details
Accident historyOwnership detailsOdometer readings
Engine type and specificationsMileage detailsFuel tank capacity

Moreover, it even tells whether the airbags are installed or not. You can even check the build sheet of Volkswagen. So, if you are buying a Volkswagen, don’t forget to check the history through VIN

Volkswagen history: Things that made VIN check compulsory

Volkswagen is a famous company that started the business in 1937. But due to its excellent quality, the company became a well-known model in a few years. We can use the short form like VW for Volkswagen, and it’s a German-based company with headquarters in Wolfsburg. The company is famous for its Beetle has the biggest market in China. The Chinese market contributes up to 40% of sales and profits. The vehicle comes in the following different models: 


Besides, there are many other models that the company has added to the portfolio. If we look back into the history then, from 1965 onwards company used its chassis number for history checks. But in this method, the information was limited; Volkswagen had to switch toward VIN decoders. 

A typical example of Volkswagen VIN 

In 1980 the company adopted the 17-digits code to identify the unique information. So, if you are in any part of the world, use VIN to decode the data. The vehicles made from 1979 or the start of 1980 are available for VIN. Typically, the Volkswagen’s VIN looks like this: 


All these characters mean something, and you can use the VIN decoder to understand them deeply. Usually, the code is divided into these three major parts: 

  • WMI: It represents the WOLRD manufacturer identifier and indicates vehicle history 
  • VDS: It stands for Vehicle description section 
  • VIN: Stands for the vehicle identification number 

Suppose you are getting confused about the VIN location. You can find the number on the driver’s side dashboard, door pillar, or auto parts like the engine.

How to decode the VIN? A step-to-step guide

The digits and characters in VIN mean something, and you shouldn’t overlook the critical detail. Here we will break down the positions of VIN: 

Positions one & two: 

The first position describes the vehicle’s manufacturing region. The company has a production plant in many areas, and different characters represent areas. Here are a few examples: 

1-5North America
8-0South America

The second position represents the manufacturer. Usually, it includes VW, but sometimes it could be “V.” 

3rd position: 

The third position describes the vehicle type. For instance, the car could be of any kind like a passenger, commercial, pickup, SUV, motorcycle, etc. Here are a few familiar characters that you will see on VIN: 

WVWVolkswagen cars
WV1Volkswagen commercial
WV2Bus and Van
VWVVolkswagen Spain

Apart from this, there are separate codes for South Africa, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, and the USA. Moreover, it helps to get information about style and body. 

4-5 & 6 positions: 

The company uses ZZZ for old VWs in Europe, Africa, and Australia. These digits help get information about the body, trim style, engine specifications, and restraint system. 

7th, 8th, & 9th position: 

It is Volkswagen’s description section. On the 9th spot, you can identify the vehicle’s model year and manufacturing place. Each car has unique serial numbers that define the essential specifications. 

10th-17th position: 

The 10th position represents the model year. The code begins with vehicles made in 1980, and the system assigns a unique letter to each model. For instance, the codes could be like A, B, C, and D and the series goes up to X. The 11th position describes the exact place where the car was made. Here are digits that represent different places: 

AIngolstadt, Germany
BBrussels, Germany
CChattanooga, USA
DBratislava, Slovakia
EEmden, Germany

But this section can include numbers in the VIN. However, it makes things easy, and positions from 12-to 17 represent models, years, and factories. 

What is the best Volkswagen VIN decoder?

Many best Volkswagen VIN decoders help to decode crucial information. You only need to open a decoder, enter VIN, and see the detailed report. But there are chances that you will get confused while choosing the best Volkswagen VIN decoder. So, here are the top three for your guidance: 

1st: CarVertical

carvertical vin decoder

It is one of the best and first best Volkswagen VIN decoders that used blockchain technology. The service provides detailed reports that include everything from title, mileage, accidents, damages, etc. Moreover, the CarVertical has more than 20,000 independent sources to cross-check the information. carVertical comes with extra security features where no one can alter or fake the car reports. So, with these fantastic features, we can say it’s the most progressive and user-friendly VIN decoder backed by technology. If we look at the overall ratings, it is one of the leading services with 9.5 stars. You can even visit the main website to check the real-life reviews for more authenticity. 

Pros & Cons: 

Provides up-to-date reportsRelatively new decoder
Blockchain technology ensures flawless securityIt doesn’t include all car damages in the report
Price is a competitive advantage for CarVertical.It’s not suitable for car dealers
Detailed and fast reports that are easy to read
9.5 stars overall ratings with 24/7 customer support 

So, if you are interested in this best Volkswagen VIN decoder, then the single report is for $15. But CarVertical also offers discounts if you make a bulk purchase. 

2nd: EpicVIN

epicvin vehicle history report

EpicVIN is among the top three decoders, and it’s because of its customer-friendly features and affordable price. After taking the website look, you will be sure that it’s a genuine and reliable source to get vehicle reports. The company uses credible yet independent sources to verify the authenticity of reports. Moreover, the affordability is one of the most distinctive features of this best Volkswagen VIN decoder. The detailed check includes everything from DMV title, insurance details, salvage events, odometer reading, etc. So, it’s the best service if you want broad information and extensive car reports in an affordable range. 

Pros & Cons: 

You can scan the code by using the appYou may get lost in a detailed website
Affordable optionLive chat remains offline sometimes
Best for car dealers or bulk buyers
User-friendly interface
Efficient customer support
Fast and authentic reports with detailed information 

So, for an EpicVIN Volkswagen VIN decoder, charges for one report will be around $9. But the price for 4 and 16 reports is $25 and $86 respectively. 

3rd: Carfax

carfax vin decoder

Carfax started its operations in 1980, and till now, it is the leading decoder famous in Canada and the USA. If you want authentic car reports, give this high-quality VIN decoder a chance. It’s renowned in North America, but in 2008 the company started operations in Europe. But the European database isn’t that strong; that’s why there are some authenticity issues. Still, with time Carfax is working on services and expanding the area in Spain, Sweden, and many other European countries. The system receives information from more than 100,000 sources to verify authenticity. Here, you will learn everything from odometer reading, ownership, history, mileage check, and technical specifications. But there is a drawback that Carfax reports don’t include vehicle history. 

Pros & Cons: 

Provide fast and detailed car reportsPeople can change car history reports
Longest cross border databaseIt doesn’t provide the vehicle’s history
Vast database with over 20 million documents to check the record
Best for individual buyers
Customer assistance is available via live chat and email. 

However, if you want this best Volkswagen VIN decoder, a single report costs around $40; if you want three and five reports, they will be around $80 and $100, respectively. 


It’s essential to keep your car’s safety a priority. So, it’s good to get fresh updates on the latest developments and run a VIN check from time to time. The best Volkswagen VIN decoder is the market has similar features; the only difference is between price and report details. However, choose according to your budget and the information you want to include in the report. 

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