Best Vin Check (PPSR Check) Providers in Australia

Simon Will on Feb 05, 2023 at 12:02 PM
Best Vin Check (PPSR Check) Providers in Australia

Before buying a used car, it’s good to check records by using one of the listed providers. It’s vital to get the full history report, and it helps to ensure you are spending money on the right product. Buying a car is good if you are ready to invest in new wheels. But not everyone have the budget for a new car, that’s why the market for used cars is in demand. It’s easy to get scammed in a used car deals because you don’t know the back story. However, the VIN Check (PPSR Check) keeps you safe from scams.

What is a VIN decoder?

The vehicle always comes with a 17-digit VIN code when you buy. However, the number is a mixture of digits and letters and acts as a social security number for the car. But it’s vital to mention here that two cars can’t have the same VIN codes. So, you can use the unique code to get the critical information like: 

Registration detailsOwnership recordRecall history
Service recordsAccident historyTheft records

You can find the VIN easily by looking at the driver’s side front door, windshield, and door jamb. Moreover, you can also find it on the insurance card, titles, and registration form. If you are buying a used vehicle, then take a snap to look for the information using the VIN decoder. 

1st: carVertical

CarVertical is more than a simple VIN decoder; that’s why the service is winning hearts and surpassing the rating chart. The makers understand that you need to check dozens of things before buying the Car. Thus, using the CarVertical can avoid a thousand other problems with just a few clicks. In simple words, it helps prevent issues that could be expensive in the future. Moreover, if we look at the rating, CarVertical overall stands at 4.9/5 stars which is excellent. Here are the following things that you can check by just adding a VIN.

Car’s historyMileage rolls backMultiple owner details
Common faults that a specific model hasDamage report of the vehiclesTheft record
Historical photos of the CarOther random yet useful information 

If you ignore the credibility of the VIN decoder, then it could cost you thousands of dollars. So, before making the buying decision ensure that you check the vehicle’s history with the help of a VIN decoder.

Highlighted features of CarVertical:

In this CarVertical review, it’s unfair if we don’t talk about the highlighted features of this decoder.

  • It helps you to save thousands of bucks.
  • More than 1,000,000 people in 50 plus countries use this app to check details.
  • It gives you an instant and fast report without any delay
  • Have featured in industry media like FORBES, REUTERS, AUTO BILD, & TOP GEAR
  • Apart from this, the most remarkable thing is that the data is checked and verified. So, customers don’t need to worry because there isn’t any way to fake it as it’s verified from the blockchain.
  • You can even earn money by joining the affiliate marketing program of the CarVertical.

The main aim of CarVertical is to keep people safe on the road. You will be safe from driving an unsafe vehicle if you know everything. So, ensure that your future Car isn’t faulty; otherwise, it could be dangerous for your loved ones.

Pros & cons of CarVertical:

There are always two sides to the story and if you are new in this industry, then take a look at both sides. Generally, there is an opinion that CarVertical is more transparent in its reports and content. Now blockchain technology has changed everything, and the CarVertical wants to pioneer this trend in the world of VIN decoders. So, the venture did the same, and they started to build a database from their European union headquarter. The results are excellent, and the Database is performing way better than other VIN decoders available in the market. Here we are providing an overview of the positive and negative sides:

Positive sidesWeak points
A very comprehensive database where you can get detailed informationThe life of the company is comparatively less than other services
The upgrade in blockchain technology is undoubtedly a cherry on topDue to a smaller number of employees, sometimes customers feel in-convenience
The service verifies the information from credible sources like Interpol database, insurance, leasing, and police record 
You can frequently find good pricing deals during the promotional period. 
Excellent customer support 
A dedicated team that verifies each report before publishing 

So, if you want a single report from the CarVertical, you will have to pay almost $20. The excellent service and positive reviews make it the number one data provider in the industry.

Steps to generate a report:

One of the most excellent features distinguishing CarVertical is that the system doesn’t let anyone manipulate reports. All reports are made on the blockchain; that’s why it’s hard to forget. So, if you are interested, then follow these simple steps to create a report:

Enter VIN -> Data Search -> Pay -> Get Report

You can easily find VIN from the vehicle’s documents. But it’s better to spend $28 instead of wasting thousands of dollars by locking a bad car deal.


The car history reports are comprehensive, and you can check the information using the database. But if you want to use, your vehicles must be registered in Australia. The reports give important alerts that are important to know before making a buying decision. However, when you apply for a report, it includes basic history. In this way, you can avoid significant problems. According to the CarHistory, it’s essential to use a VIN decoder due to the following reasons:

One out of six cars comes with financial implications
There are more than 60k vehicles that have been reported stolen/year.
One out of five cars has something to hide from a new buyer.

Above all, the car history reports also give the service record like maintenance and oil change records. The detailed vehicle history reports are suitable for an individual buyer or a car dealer. review: An ultimate guide for individuals & dealers:

“The primary aim is to reduce frauds and bring transparency in selling and purchasing used cars.”

The CarHistory is the first Australian online automotive service that provides a complete record. The service is part of Equifax, Australia’s most extensive consumer and business credit records database. Moreover, the company offers a comprehensive history regardless of how many states the car has been registered in. The reports come from reliable and reputable government-industry sources. However, with these reports, you will get the answers to these questions: 

  • What is the sales history of the car? 
  • Is the vehicle written off? 
  • What is the theft record of the car? 
  • Is the odometer reading correct? 

Apart from this, the reports include many small yet vital points that help a lot while making a buying decision. Here are the top factors that CarHistory reports cover: 

Finance check: 

In this section, you will know whether the vehicle has any financial obligations on the name or not. The CarHistory VIN decoder runs a financial check and if there is any payment due, then provide complete information. For instance, the report provides details like the name & address of the interest holder and the info that is recorded on PPSR. Apart from this, it shows the debt date, type of interest, etc. But if you ignore these details and buy a vehicle with debt, it will become your responsibility legally. 

Vehicle identification & registration details: 

The CarHistory ensures that you aren’t missing any vital information. For instance, if the vehicle is registered, then it will provide information about: 

Registration datePlate number
The expiry date of the registrationThe state in which the car has registration

The CarHistory checks the “Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries” record books for vehicle identification. It has information about the engine, manufacturing year, model, series, body, color, fuel consumption, etc. 

Written off details & Odometer reading: 

It is another critical piece of information that you shouldn’t overlook. If the car is previously written off, it usually happens due to damage. The damage could be of these natures: 

  • Due to the flood 
  • Storm damage 
  • Or due to uneconomical repair 

The insurance company later writes off the vehicle if these are the conditions. Apart from this, the CarHistory verifies whether the odometer reading is accurate. You can check the vehicle’s logbooks and service history to know the functionality of the odometer reading. Above all, the information is correct and gathered from an independent third-party source. 

Note: The CarHistory reports are detailed and have much more information, which you can see in the “Highlighted feature” section. 

Why should you go for CarHistory reports? Highlighted features:

There are many ways and Australia-based services available to check the VIN. But before choosing any service, do your research because your hard-earned money is at stake. However, if you select CarHistory, then you can check details about these items: 

If a vehicle manufactured after 1989You will get a detailed CarHistory review report
Vehicles that are manufactured before 1989The service offers a PPSR certificate
For motorbikes, trucks, and trailersYou will get a PPSR certificate
For boatsYou will get a simple PPSR certificate

Highlighted qualities: 

The CarHistory reports include a PPSR certificate that ensures the credibility and reliability of the information. The former name of the PPSR certificate was “REVS,” which indicates the finance details on the vehicle. Besides, other things are included: 

  • It provides information about previous sales
  • Moreover, it has vehicle valuation and registration details and the vehicle’s liability check. 
  • Written off and odometer checks to ensure the car is the right fit for you. 
  • Moreover, the reports are easy to read. But if the vehicle is before 1989, then CarHistory doesn’t offer stolen and written off checks. 
  • Apart from this, the sale listing indicates how many times the vehicle has been listed for sale. It also tells the purpose for which the buyer used the car. For instance, it could be for taxi, private, non-private, or rental car use. 
  • The report even gives an idea about the market value and comes with the ANCAP rating. The ANCAP stars indicate the green and overall rating. 
  • The database is vast and verifies the information from these independent government sources: 
Glass information servicesPersonal property security register (Revs)
National vehicle information (NVIS)Federal chamber of automotive industries

The main aim of CarHistory reports is to check potentially important information about the vehicle. In this way, you can make the right buying decision. 

Pros & cons of 

The CarHistory review isn’t complete without mentioning the pros & cons. So, here are the points that make this service different from others: 

The reports are detailedSometimes the essential details are missing from the report
Service is fast and delivers reports in around 30 seconds or a maximum of 2 minutesCustomer service shows glitches sometimes
The price is worth the information that is provided in the report
The vast database has accurate detail.
Cross-check the information using authentic government sources
The comprehensive reports are available for all Australian states.

You can check the record even if the vehicle is before or after 1989. But if the car is before 1989, you won’t be able to get written-off details and theft checks. 

How to buy CarHistory reports? A step-to-step guide:

The process of getting the CarHistory report is accessible. You can even request a sample report before investing the money. Moreover, the CarHistory gives an option of accessing information by using a registration number or VIN code.

You don’t need to register or login anywhere to get the CarHistory reports. The payment methods are secure, and you even get a price comparison report. The reports remain available online for 90 days after final purchase. In this way, you can access why CarHistory is better than its competitors. 

Price chart for the CarHistory: 

The CarHistory reports give you a national view of the vehicle history, and the information is verified from government sources. There are different price packages for automobiles. Here is the price chart: 

Type of reportPrice chart
Detailed car history report (After 1989)$36.95
Vehicles manufactured before 1989$25
Motorbikes, bikes, trucks & trailersPPSR certificate for $25
BoatsPPSR certificate for $25

Moreover, you can check the data from independent sources. For instance, you can speak to the owner, ask the dealer or examine your vehicle with a mechanic. In this way, you can cross-check whether the CarHistory reports are correct or not. 

Final verdict: 

Buying a used vehicle could be stressful and scary. But if you make the right choice in choosing a VIN decoder, then a painful process could be pleasant. It’s the best way to prevent unnecessary research and help to remain ahead of time. If you don’t check the reports, your decision could be costly. However, in this situation, is a good choice. But the service needs to work on its online reputation because bad reviews are circulating in the market. 


The PPSR stands for “Personal property securities register,” a national online register. If you live in Australia, a PPSR certificate is of utmost importance. The services like “” offer a certificate that ultimately helps make wise buying decisions. The certification helps individual buyers and car dealers to search the security interest in personal property. Personal property includes things like cars, boats, artwork, etc. But the list doesn’t have the land or building in the list. However, the PPSR is administered by the “Australian financial security authority.” If your certificate finds financial owing, then your report will include the following information: 

  • Name & address of the interest holder 
  • Detail about the vehicle or boat that is recorded in the system 
  • The date when interest was recorded on the PPSR 
  • Type of the interest, whether it’s a lease or hire-purchase

But if you are keen to know even the minor details of your vehicle, you can request comprehensive reports. The process is simple and affordable, and you will in-depth car’s status and history details. Moreover, the report also estimates the current market value, which helps to lock a good deal. 

Reasons to do a PPSR check: 

You need to do a PPSR check in Australia because buying a used car is like gambling. We can say that PPSR provides you with a future picture that enables you to make the right buying decision. 

“There are around 4.5 million vehicles registered on the PPSR.”

In this way, you can find whether your bet is correct or not. Apart from this, here are the following reasons for using the PPSR check: 

  • The PPSR certificate indicates the financial standing of your vehicle. The report talks about the monetary owing on their cars. 
  • Moreover, the PPSR check gives peace of mind because you know the detailed status of your vehicle. However, as a result, you will worry less that there isn’t debt tied with the car. 
  • In addition to this, the PPSR check gives you evidence that the vehicle isn’t included in any dispute. The PPSR certificate even indicates legal proceedings and the car’s current status. 

In short, the PPSR check verifies the title and status of the property that you are buying. Besides, there are many other reasons to give PPSR a try. Highlighted features that make it unique:

If you are looking for an easy PPSR check, give PPSR.COM.AU a try. The service is famous for protecting consumers when they think of buying a used vehicle. However, before purchasing a used car, your first step should be to use “PPSR.COM.AU.” There are other similar services, but the bad online reviews don’t justify the price. However, if we make a price comparison, “PPSR.COM.AU” is the best. Here are the qualities that make this service unique from others: 

Highlighted qualities of 

  • The service gives detailed reports that are genuine and reliable 
  • Moreover, it’s guaranteed that you will get the information you are paying for. 
  • You can even get reports of cars, motorbikes, boats, and other personal assets. 
  • The reports are fast and quick, and you will get all detail in one document. 
  • Above all, you can run a PPSR check by entering the registration number or 17-digits VIN code.
  • Apart from this, the document includes the information about these factors: 
Written off recordFinance owingOdometer reading
Registration detailsStolen checkVehicle identification

In addition to this, the PPSR.COM.AU will help you to identify whether your vehicle has a valid VIN or not. We can say it is the best thing that you can have to get detailed information about the car. 

How to buy the reports?

The PPSR is best if you are a financial institute, running a business, or making a buying decision on an individual level. The website is available 24/7, and you can get a detailed report anytime.

You can choose any plans stated above to meet your requirements and needs. The PPSR.COM.AU is perfect for individuals, businesses, and car dealers. The cost of each report is around $25. Moreover, the payment methods are easy, and you can make payments by using VISA, PayPal, Mastercard, and American Express. 

Steps for buying a PPSR certificate: 

You can request a sample report to understand how things work if you are a beginner. In this way, you can easily understand the interface and technical details included in the report. However, here are the steps to buy a PPSR certificate: 

Step # 01: Enter registration/VIN
Step # 02: Enter the Australian state name
Step # 03: Make payment
Step # 04: Download the report

In one report, you will get information about PPSR certificates, stolen check, written-offs, finance check, registration details, and airbag recall data. The $25 is worth spending, and you will get complete information in return. 

Pros & cons of 

PPSR is a proper system that brings essential information about personal assets like cars. However, provides you with timely certificates of the vehicles you consider buying. But everything comes with positive and negative sides, and here are the solid & weak sides of 

The overall rating is 4.9 stars, which makes it popular among usersThe customer service isn’t available 24/7 and remains open Monday-Friday
Detailed reports in the best affordable price
Easy to use interface
Transparent and trustworthy reports make it highly reliable.
Fast reports as it takes only 15 minutes
Easy & secured mode of payments

However, in Australia, understanding the impact of PPSR and registering property is an important task. This database aims to keep people protected from fraud and scams. 

Final verdict: 

It’s great to conduct a PPSR check if you are interested in buying a used car. However, before buying a car, get the VIN and enter the to check the authenticity. According to the experts: 

“If you use VIN correctly, then in return, it will protect you from scams and frauds.”

Apart from this, this service will give you an idea of whether the previous owner invested in maintenance or not. So, don’t compromise on your hard-earned money and take calculated steps to avoid fraud. However, in our opinion, there is nothing better than a 4.9 stars service to give a try. 

Note: If you don’t want to use paid service for PPSR check, adopt traditional methods to check authenticity. For instance, you can take a test drive or get your vehicle inspected by an expert mechanic. In this way, you can check the car’s reliability before buying. 


The RevsCheck has been functional in Australia since 2002, and till now, it has gained so much attention. However, it happened due to unique features and the UpToDate database. Above all, RevsCheck collaborated with the federal government personal property security agency in 2012. However, the database has become inevitable with this partnership, and now you can check information with REV’s report. If you want to acquire this report, then the process is simple. You only need to enter a 17-digit code, and a few moments later, you can download detailed information. There are many other features of this VIN decoder that we will discuss in this writing. 

RevsCheck review: A complete guide:

The market for used cars is getting bigger with each passing day. However, in this situation, the ratio of fraud also increases. So, if you want to avoid these frauds and bad auto deals, start using the RevsCheck VIN decoder. 

“It’s a certificate that gives more data about the auto state and provides details of the previous owner.”

The RevsCheck has many ways to verify the data and interpret whether the vehicle is a safe buy or not. Moreover, the system has more than 80 million records that help customers verify the information quickly. The primary aim is to make a platform where customers can easily access the data. You can use the VIN decoder to cross-check the information that the owner is providing. If you give RevsCheck a try, you will significantly decrease unnecessary expenses. We can say it is one of the safest ways when you are looking for a used car. Here are the following things that you can check by using RevsCheck:

An odometer wind back checkFinancial liability checkVIN check
First sale informationThe current valuation of the carThe comparison of sale price & odometer reading
Flood, storm, and damage checkTheft checkOwnership details
First sale information ANCAP safety & emission ratings

Stolen check: 

The RevsCheck knows it’s crucial to check the theft record of the vehicle. However, the system gives it a priority and tells whether the car is reported stolen or not. After going through the report, you can decide whether it’s a good buying deal. But don’t worry about the report generation because it doesn’t take long. The RevsCheck makes everything so smooth and better. 

Helps to know finance owning: 

It is another significant and helpful feature that saves thousands of dollars. For instance, owners take loans on some cars, and if they don’t pay, the car can be repossessed. There is always an option to get out of this situation, but it’s much hassle. But with the RevsCheck, you can check the finance history of your car. This way, you can know your future vehicle doesn’t have a bad background.

Registration & write-offs status: 

Like many other things, the registration and write-off status of the vehicle is of utmost importance. The registration status of the car provides some basic facts and helps to know whether the VIN information provided by the seller is correct. The primary aim of this process is to ensure everything is in order & legal. The RevsCheck always wants you to be tension-free while making a buying decision. However, the write-off status is another extension of this goal. Before buying a used car, get information about how damaged the vehicle is and how much it will take to repair it. The RevsCheck provides details about: 

  • You will know if the car has been part of an accident. 
  • The airbags were deployed in an accident or not.

Moreover, you can even take the vehicle to the mechanic for regular assessment. Later, the mechanic assesses the current value of the car

How to buy the RevsCheck VIN decoder?

When we invest in autos, it’s crucial to get in-depth information. For instance, the vehicle could be salvaged, damaged, or have a theft history. However, the RevsCheck decoder charges a minimal amount to check whether the car is perfect to buy or not. But newbies don’t know how to use the VIN decoder. Besides, before selecting a decoder, it’s vital to research which one is good and which goes with your requirements. 

Highlighted features: 

Buying a car is a crucial financial decision, and you need to be more cautious, especially when it’s a used one. However, if you want to choose RevsCheck, then look at these qualities: 

  • It helps to check whether the automobile is stolen or has a clean record 
  • The report brings detailed information about the accident and damage history. So, read this in detail whether the damage is due to natural climate or anything else. 
  • Moreover, the RevsCheck allows getting a summary VIN decoder report in SMS. However, due to this feature, RevsCheck has become a reliable platform. The primary aim of these features is to bring ease to user’s life and save money. 
  • The detailed report gives certified and checked information by the Australian government. However, all the vehicles come with an official PPSR certificate, enhancing reliability. 
  • Apart from this, in RevsCheck, you get the registration details. For instance, the registration information includes these things: 
Registration plate numberRegistration expiry dates
State or area in which vehicle is registeredAnd finance owing

However, after checking the in-depth history, you can make the buying decision confidently. The reports bring details about ownership, and you can even see how many times the car has been listed for sale. 

Steps to use RevsCheck VIN decoder: 

It’s vital to mention that before 1989 the VIN code used to vary between 11 to 17 digits. But the RevsCheck can only check the codes that are 17 digits long. So, if you want to check the vehicles before 1989, then the information would be limited.

If you are confused about the service, request a sample report. In this way, you can easily decide whether you want to buy RevsCheck or not. So, it’s the simplest way to check the vehicle’s authenticity if you are buying from a private seller. 

What are the positive and negative sides of the RevsCheck?

Undoubtedly there are plenty of benefits of RevsCheck vehicle reports. But if we are doing a RevsCheck review, it’s vital to show both sides. So, here are the pros and cons: 

The PPSR certificate verified reportsThe customer support needs some improvement
You can get instant reports via SMS, PDF format, or emailDue to database glitches, customers don’t receive reports sometimes
Access a free sample to understand the reporting before making an actual purchase
The detailed reports provide water damage checks, theft records, written-off, registration details, and finance.
The report provides a vehicle comparison chart to check the market condition.

Moreover, the reports are quick, and even a beginner can get that by following simple steps. Besides, it is reasonably charged, and you get one piece for $25. But if you want a comprehensive report online, it will cost around $37. Above all, the payment methods are simple and secure, and you can even pay using PayPal. 

Final verdict: 

The RevsCheck VIN reports bring many benefits to considering buying a used car in Australia. However, the service has an overall positive rating of 4.8stars which proves its authenticity and reliability. The cost of the RevsCheck report is minimal, especially when we compare it with the mistakes that we can commit in buying decisions. So, if you want to keep everything smooth, consider RevsCheck and give it a try. It will provide you with many new avenues that need your attention to make a rational decision. The process is simple & precise, and it only takes a few seconds to get a report after entering a 17-digit VIN. 

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