Do You Buy Your First Car? Here are Some Useful Tips

Simon Will on Jun 15, 2022 at 22:06 PM
Top Vin Decoder – First car useful tips

Have you successfully passed the car exam and are planning to buy your first car? If this is the case, we have some recommendations for you, so that your first driving experience will be a success and help you in the future.

Your first car shouldn’t be a new one, go for a used car.

The experience is not gained overnight, so in the first months at the wheel is expected to make mistakes, smaller or bigger. That’s why a used car, bought on a low budget, is the best choice. In the first thousands of kilometers it is very likely to touch the car through the parking lots, to avoid the asphalt pits or to find the perfect coordination between hand and foot when changing gears. What this means? Costs that may arise for repainting, straightening or changing wheels, running gear or excessive clutch wear. These expenses can be significantly reduced if the car you are driving is a smaller, older car. In the event of minor accidents or rapid wear, a new car will have significantly higher repair costs than a running car.

Choose a car in the mini or small class

The best decision is to look for a small car that will help you deal with the narrow spaces of the city. If you can choose, rely on the car that makes you feel comfortable at the wheel and offers the best visibility around. The models of medium or small class are ideal for this scenario, being suitable for beginners at the wheel, and don’t forget to check the VIN number before buying it.

Don’t buy a very powerful car

Even if you are forced to go slowly, a powerful engine can get you in trouble quickly if you have no experience. It is best to rely on a low power engine, which is even more economical, to learn the correct reflexes gradually. At high speeds things are much harder to control, so you better avoid such a scenario until you gain experience.

Manual or automatic box?

It depends on how you use the car.
One thing is for sure – the manual gearbox is disappearing, especially with the growth of the market for electric and hybrid cars. If you are planning on purchasing new cars in the future and you are considering the automatic gearbox, then you can directly choose such a transmission. However, keep in mind that it will be very difficult to drive a manual transmission in the future if you do not learn the first machine. If you go a lot in the city, then the automatic gearbox is a better option because it offers more comfort.

It is very important that when you make your debut at the wheel you have all the positive factors. Give yourself time to learn, evolve and choose the right car. If you do everything right you will lead a life, long enough to test many cars of different powers and sizes.

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Simon Will

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Simon Will has 20 years experience in used cars markets. He helped thousands of people making the right choice when buying their car.
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