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Harry Robinson on Jul 13, 2022 at 11:07 AM
39.99 €
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30-day money-back guarantee
  • Comprehensive and easy to read report
  • Free CARFAX VIN Check report on the following details: make, model, model year, body type
  • More expensive than the competitors
  • Works only for cars bought from USA

Is Carfax legit?

CARFAX is the most trusted provider of vehicle history information in the world. For over 30 years, it has helped millions of used car shoppers make better purchase decisions and avoid costly hidden problems.
CARFAX has been providing vehicle history information in North America for decades and currently has a data base with more than 14 billion records collected from 35.000 partners and sources, including government ministries, law enforcement agencies, service and repair shops, car dealers, insurance companies and many others.

Why should I choose Carfax?

20+ billion records from 100.000+ data sources in Europe, North America and Canada
30 years experience
Trusted by millions of consumers worldwide​

carfax vin decoder

Data info:

The CARFAX Vehicle History Report contains all reported service and maintenance records over the course of a vehicle’s lifetime. The records are displayed in a clear, easy to read format which details the date and location of the maintenance, as well as which service was performed. Additionally, in many cases, the mileage at the time of the service is recorded as well, giving potential buyers a deeper look into the vehicle’s past.

The service history of a car should show most of the above mentioned maintenance types. Some of these can be performed at home by adept owners, but others are more commonly performed by a service / repair shop. Below is an example of how the Report displays a vehicle’s service history in a clear and easy-to-read way.

It is important to note that the service history of a car is only one element to consider when buying a used vehicle. While service records are helpful in learning about a vehicle’s past, it’s important to learn as much about a vehicle before you buy it.

In addition to the service history, the Vehicle History Report offers used car buyers a lot more useful information, including:

  • Registration Information
  • Comprehensive Technical Specifications
  • Vehicle Age
  • Number of Owners
  • Mileage Records
  • Odometer Manipulation (e.g. odometer rollback, fraud, etc.)
  • Title History
  • And much more…

If you are a used car seller and you have lost – or never had – the service history of your car, showing the Report to potential buyers demonstrates that you have nothing to hide about your car. This builds trust in a situation where the customer could potentially walk away from the sale.

CARFAX’s ever growing database has over 14 billion records from sources around the globe. Learning about the service history of a car and much more can help you avoid buying a vehicle with costly hidden problems. Check the CARFAX before you buy!

Carfax price:

Single Report: 39,99 €

5 Reports: 56,99 €

Business Program: from 64,99 €

Carfax review:

With more than 14 billion records, CARFAX has built up its database with the help of its partners and sources, including government offices, law enforcement agencies, service and repair shops, car dealerships, insurance companies and many more.

CARFAX’ vision is to change the used car market for the better. As an independent source which benefits both consumers and dealers, no US used car should be bought without looking into its history with the help of a Vehicle History Report.

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