What Does the VIN Number Tell You About a Used Car?


Ready to purchase a used car? Before buying it, you might want to take a look at the VIN number report! Your car’s vehicle identification number (VIN) is similar to a social security number. It consists between 11 and 17 characters and can be found at any vehicle that was made after 1981. By doing a car check you can learn crucial information such as maintenance records or past issues with the title.

Decode the VIN Number

Although it is a weird combination of letters and numbers, the automobile VIN certainly isn’t random and it tells a lot about the history of the car. Let’s take a look at the breakdown of a VIN number:
• Digit 1: where country where the car was manufactured. Eg. cars made in Canada start with 2
• Digits 2-3: typically is the letter that begins the manufacturer’s name. Eg. A is for Audi
• Digits 4-8: car facts. Eg. engine code
• Digit 9: security code that is used to detect invalid VINs
• Digit 10: vehicle’s model year
• Digit 11: tells the plant where vehicle was manufactured
• Digits 12-17: unique serial number

Why is it Important to Look Up VIN Numbers?

If you’re considering buying a used car, it’s important to check the vehicle’s VIN to determine if a used
car is suspect or not. If the advertised VIN number does not match up with the make and model of the advertised vehicle, it can indicate a potential scam. A standard VIN check can also reveal important vehicle history information including if it has been stolen.

Can I have a free vin lookup?

Sure, but it will only give you basic info about the car – engine size, assembly plant/ fuel type. If you’re
looking for a complete vehicle history report, you’ll have between XX to XX.

Where can you find the vehicle identification number?

The VIN number will be stamped into the chassis of a vehicle, usually found in the engine bay or beneath
the plastic trim around the driver or passenger door opening.

How do I look up a VIN report?

It depends on what information you need when choosing the right car data check. If you intend to buy a used car and want to have more car information, we recommend running a car vin check. The car history reports can reveal if the motor vehicle you’re considering has been reported stolen or if it has a salvage title.

What exactly does a VIN report reveal?

The vehicle report reveals all the key aspects you may want to know:

• Car history
• The type of the car
• Odometer readings
• Total loss records
• Car accident claim
• Mileage Rollback (car mileage check)
• Recalls and defects
• Car accident reports
• Lien and repossession records
• Theft and recovery records
• Personal, Police or Taxi Use
• Inspection, service, car registrations History
• Car titles

Reveal the mystery out of the history!

All it takes to run a vehicle history report is know the car’s VIN and add it here. If it’s not a scam, you can get the VIN regardless of where you are shopping for a used car. Most online used car listings provide the VIN of each car they offer. You may run a VIN lookup for free/ paid whether you are checking out a used car recommended by a friend or offered by a private seller or a dealer.

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