How to Buy a Used Car

Simon Will on Feb 05, 2023 at 12:02 PM
Top Vin Decoder – How to buy a used car

It may already sound like a cliché, but buying a used car, can even be like a lottery. This, all the more so as you will not take the correct preventive measures. Once you have finalized a short list of models that you have decided on, you must put into practice a number of simple principles:

1. not choose the car by the lowest price, but by the technical state and the kilometers traveled;

2. ask for the advice of a specialist whose experience can keep you from any scams;

3. arrive at the meeting with the seller earlier to analyze the car discreetly;

4. checks for traces of wear that can betray manipulated mileage;

5. asks for the car’s service history in order to detect any accidents.

Why people choose a used car

Although they dream of the most powerful new sports cars or the most luxurious limousines purchased directly from the showroom, Romanian drivers choose second-hand copies even when their budget is not necessarily limited. Like new and used cars, they have advantages that are worth considering.

For example, a 2-3 year old model, maintained in an exemplary technical state, will retain many of the strengths of a new car. Moreover, it will exempt its new owner from the major disadvantage of the depreciation of the initial price, borne by the seller.

Although we tend to associate the idea of ​​the used car with the lack of certainty, many copies run come with a guarantee, if they are put up for sale by dealers. The price of parts and workmanship is more affordable for second-hand cars, especially for volume models.

Finally, a car can be considered good or not depending on how it was operated. In spite of the fame that some models have gained, the individual verification of each copy is the duty of the future owners.

Checks required before buying a used car

If you have found a car to your liking, which you want to buy, before the actual review, a primary check is required in which you will focus on identifying the car and confirming that the information provided by the seller is real. Things to consider are:

Checking the documents of the machine

Before inspecting the car and its condition, it is important to check all its documents. Due to certain irregularities you may end up in a situation where the car cannot be registered and, in fact, you may have to sell it for parts. This is especially true for cars brought from Germany that have stamped the term “Ungultig” on their identity card, which means that the car has been permanently removed from circulation.

You will also need to pay attention to the service history of the car, to ensure that it has been revised in time, that its supplies have been replaced, but that the number of kilometers is the correct one. Among other things, you should check the vehicle’s ownership document, its technical data sheet or its damage history. For this historian, you will have to go to a specialized site, where you will find out if the car has been damaged or has been declared unusable in traffic due to a serious damage.

VIN Number Check

A VIN Number Check is required to find out the entire history of the car you want and with which you will be able to decide whether or not that car is worth buying.

By entering the VIN series on a specialized site, you will find out if the number of kilometers traveled by the car is the real one, if the car was involved in accidents that are now masked, if the car was reported as stolen or if it has undergone modifications of parts that are not authorized by the manufacturer.

Although a car identification is not free, it will save you a lot of subsequent expenses and will give you the opportunity to renegotiate the price of the car, if you still want it.

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Simon Will

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