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Best BMW VIN decoder is the identification code for a specific vehicle. In simple words, every car has a serial number that is known as the vehicle identification number (VIN). VIN code was essential to introduce to ensure the security of the vehicles. In 2017 BMW had the biggest recall of more than 1.4 million cars and SUVs due to fire risk. However, these cars include 504,000 sold in the USA. BMW informed the owners to bring the affected vehicles for fixation. However, it all happened due to the BMW VIN decoder. VIN helps to check the BMW safety record for up to 15 years.

What is the BMW VIN decoder?

We discussed earlier that the VIN decoder is the vehicle identification number. In simple words, this code is like the cars’ fingerprint. So, no other vehicle in operation can have the same VIN code. However, it consists of 17 digits and capital letters and acts as the vehicle’s unique identifier. The 17-word extended code displays the following things about BMW;

  • Features of the BMW car
  • Specification and manufacturing of the car
  • Above all, we can use it to track the recalls, registrations, and warranty.
  • Apart from this, VIN helps in claims, theft, and insurance coverage.

The VIN stamped on the plate of the car to secure the chassis section. Apart from the above, this number tells about the vehicle type and country of manufacturing. However, you can also find this code at different locations of cars along with the paperwork. In short, it is best to watch out for any risk related to the vehicle.

Why should you use the Best BMW VIN decoder?

We can use the Best BMW VIN Decoder to check the following information about the vehicle. However, it is an exciting feature to check the record of the car before making any deal.

Best BMW VIN Decoder

If we talk about the VIN decoder checking services, then “Carvertical” is among the best names. There are many other best VIN decoder services. But the main aim is to check the record and history of the car. However, the decoding reports include the info about;

  • Photos: any archived image of the vehicle
  • Possible recorded damages with various agencies
  • Country of the registration and service location
  • Any potential problem related to the title
  • The report gives the police data to check the stolen status.
  • Essential maintenance that is vital for the vehicle
  • Check to get information about the parts for the replacement or repair.
  • It checks the consistency of information from the vehicle documents.
  • The BMW decoder checks the fake VIN. However, the red flag with the number indicates that VIN isn’t for the car you are buying.

In short, the VIN decoder reports are in demand. According to estimation, 34% of the consumer bought the vehicle history report of a used car in 2006.

best bmw vin decoder

BMW History

Apart from the BMW VIN decoder, we should learn a few vital things about BMW. BMW originated in Germany, along with three other companies. But the foundation of Bayerische Flugzeugwerke considers as the birth of BMW in 1916. This brand is doing wonders in the automobile industry with BMW, mini rolls Royce, and motorcycles. Apart from this, over the years, BMW maintained luxurious models and body styles. However, the slogan of the working;

“The ultimate driving machines.”

The slogan started in North America, and since then, it is doing wonders all over the world.

Some interesting facts about BMW:

  • The BMW headquarter is in Munich, Germany, and has a design like a four-cylinder engine. Due to its unique shape, the building gained historic status in 1999.
  • In June 2012, Forbes listed it as the number one reputable company globally based on peoples’ perceptions.
  • Dow Jone’s sustainability indexed the BMW as the worlds’ most sustainable automobile industry in 2012.
  • The BMW logo consisting of four blue and white quadrants carries the color of the free state of Bavaria Germany.

Top 4 Best BMW VIN Decoders

Here is the best BMW VIN decoder that you can use to check all the vehicle’s essential information.


carvertical vin decoder

Carvertical is one of the best BMW vin decoder, and it is at the top of the list. It offers blockchain-based car reports in the world. However, Carvertical is the only decoder that is offering this feature. It provides accurate reports about car history to make the decision smooth. Above all, the combination of advanced technologies to process data makes it the best among others. It is a leading platform to get maximum value for money.


  • Positive rating stars are 9.4/10
  • It gives a particular focus on data accuracy and freshness.
  • Provides the blockchain-based reports
  • Add the new features to provide maximum benefits to the users.
  • User-friendly technology and interface
  • Trusted by more than 1,000,000 people in more than 50 countries
  • Gives the best value for money

However, Carvertical plays a significant role when it comes to buying the car. So, you can get a single BMW VIN decoder report for $14.99. Above all, you can get a discount for the bulk pieces.


carfax vin decoder

Carfax is one of the oldest and reliable VIN decoders. However, the popularity and rating of this decoder site are very high. So, it is perfect for any person who wants to get detailed information about the cars. However, you can get information about milage, license, and other stuff using this decoder service. You can know the authenticity of the report because it takes the data from more than 100,000 sources. But the data provided on this platform isn’t 100% accurate because it only states the issues reported.


  • An overall positive rating is 9.2/10
  • Provide detailed car reports
  • It has an extensive cross-border vehicle history database.
  • Above all, it covers the US, Canada, and some parts of Europe.

One of the drawbacks that it is expensive than others. You have to pay $35 for a single report and $99 for an additional piece.


autodna vin decoder

Auto DNA is another decent VIN decoder service. However, it doesn’t only cover countries like the USA, Canada, but other parts of the world. Apart from the BMW, here, you can decode the VIN of the Mercedes as well. Above all, this site has a database of more than 4 trillion records. As a result, you can check the car reports and history conveniently.


  • The positive rating is 9.1/10
  • It is a reliable information source.
  • Work with advanced features and technology.
  • Has the partnership with auto check
  • Reasonable pricing to give maximum value to the customers.

One drawback of Auto DNA is that it isn’t 1005 accurate; the reports could be misleading. As a result, these reports can create a sense of suspicion in mind. 


epicvin vehicle history report

EpicVIN checks the car data with its advance and sophisticated software of vehicle checking. However, it reduces the hassle of the car purchase process by providing reliable reports. Above all, this platform offers the maximum value for the money with high-quality pieces.


  • The positive rating is 8.8/10
  • It is suitable for the dealers, along with the client.
  • Gives a thorough and precise car information
  • Cost-effective and saves time
  • Provide road safety assistance

In short, it is an excellent choice to get authentic yet precise reports to make the right decision related to a car purchase.

Final verdict

We choose the Carvertical as the best BWM VIN Decoder service. There are many reasons to choose this service as it provides detailed reports of cars. Above all, it is a place for everyone to get information before a secondhand car purchase. BMW is in marketing since 1916, so it’s hard to produce reports for each model. But Carvertical is doing this flawlessly by handling all the challenges efficiently. In short, it is the best platform to save time and get help with the Best BMW VIN decoder.

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