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Are you looking for the best Audi VIN decoder? We know it is sometimes a frustrating thing to buy a used car. But, it’s more difficult when you are interested in buying a rare or heavy optioned vehicle. It is not an easy task to find detailed information about luxury cars. For instance, if you need to order specific replacements, it is vital to know the right stuff. Yes, it is critical to run and maintain a flawless execution. However, without accurate information, this simple task could turn into a monumental problem. In today’s writing, we will explain the importance of the Audi VIN decoder and how it can help find information. But first, let’s learn more about the Audi.

What is the VIN decoder?

“VIN is the key to safety.”

VIN decoder is the short form of Vehicle Identification Number. However, it consists of the authentic code of 17 characters. Every vehicle since 1981 has a VIN to identify the essential information. It helps to find the vital information related to the car. For instance, VIN serial number contains information like:

  • Car manufacturer
  • The plant where it produced
  • Model of the car
  • Type of the car
  • Engine and much more

If we look extensively, VIN is widely used in trucks, vans, and motorbikes other than Audi. However, it is a unique serial number format that the ISO institute implements.

Purpose of VIN:

There are many purposes of the VIN code. An auto manufacturer first used the VIN in 1954. Since then, SUV’s, trucks, and cars are using this number for the following purposes:

  • If you use VIN, the motor vehicle (DMV) department can keep track of ownerships. Moreover, it helps to identify the stolen cars and parts.
  • Above all, it helps automobiles to keep track of vehicles. As a result, the company can recall or upgrade the cars.
  • VIN is essential for the service industry. By using this number, they ensure you get the right parts and service for the vehicle.
  • It helps to identify the brake system and fluid transmission.

Moreover, by decoding the VIN code, we can identify water, flood damage, numbers of owners, and much more.

Best Audi VIN Decoder
Audi Car

Audi History

Audi is a German company that is famous for its vehicles for hundreds of years. However, in simple words, we know it as a Big3. Yes, this is an automaker company that is offering luxury along with Mercedes Benz and BMW. Audi is a famous automobile brand founded by August Horch in 1910. However, the German meaning of the name was “Listen.” But when we translate it in Latin, then it means Audi.

The company is making luxurious vehicles for years. As a result of the fast pace and great features, the company started to appear in the US in 1970. 100LS Sedan and Fox were the vehicles that began to appear in 1970. But later 5000 Sedan replaced these vehicles. However, with time Audi made progress, and now it is among the number best-selling luxury vehicles in the world. It is successfully keeping pace with other German counterparts, BMW and Mercedes.

History of the Audi:

We discussed earlier that Audi started to capture the US market in 1970 by introducing 5000 Sedan. However, in 1980 Audi introduced the Quattro sports coupe. It proved a defining moment for the brand. It was a design that received immense applause and a positive response from the public. Here we are mentioning in pointers how Audi achieved milestones with years:

  • After huge applause of the Quattro sports coup, the company thought to take one step ahead. However, in 1984 Audi redesigned the 5000 due to a dramatic increase in sales.
  • Moreover, the elegantly designed and high quality of the cabins won the customer’s loyalty. Later the automobile company introduced lots of features and equipment in the design.
  • In late 1980, the brand redesigned its famous vehicles. The vehicles redesigned 4000 and named it as 5000 and introduced 100 and 200.
  • Apart from this, there are many other prominent models of the Audi that include the A6. Above all, the A8, S4, S6, S8, TT sport coupe, and roadster are also best-selling models.

If we look at Audi’s recent progress, the brand offers a combination of sport and luxury features. In simple words, it has become a top choice for people who love to buy luxury vehicles.

Best Audi VIN Decoder

Best Audi VIN Decoder

After reading all specifications and information about the Audi, it’s clear that the brand maintains success. If you can’t afford a new car, you can consider a used option. It’s not that a secondhand option is always worst. The Audi VIN decoder is our savior. If you want to make a good deal by finding a dream car, don’t negate the Audi VIN decoder’s importance. Yes, the only thing that you need to run a VIN check before making a final deal.

The company always ensures the best service, and they proved it by attaching VIN code with every vehicle. From the year 2013-2015, Audi A4 and S4 had issues with airbags. However, this software glitch could be a cause of an accident. But with the help of the VIN code, the company recalled all glitched models from the market.

Reasons to use Best Audi VIN Decoder:

You can know everything about the Audi by entering a 17-digit VIN. Each Audi’s vehicle comes with a unique code that tells whether it is produced in America or Europe. Moreover, the VIN code will tell you whether the car is legally made or not. Audi faced many scams where people-built vehicles by using the spare parts of other vehicles. But they were selling those cars in the name of Audi.

However, the Best Audi VIN decoder was the best solution to deal with this problem. Above all, it checks about the accidents even if they happened 10-15 years ago. There are many other things that you can find with the help of Audi VIN. Here we are maintaining a list of all those things that you can check through the VIN code.

  • Audi VIN decoder helps to check vehicle specifications.
  • Airbag type
  • Country of the origin
  • It cracks the market value of the vehicle.
  • All essential detail of the equipment
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • The safety rating of the vehicle
  • Vehicle’s history report
  • Engine size and model year

Apart from the above things, it helps to check the trim level, plant name, and much more. Moreover, you can match the interior and exterior colors of the vehicles. The Audi VIN decoder also helps to check the safety equipment of the car.

How to decode the Audi VIN code?

So, with the help of the Audi VIN decoder, you can learn about any vehicle in the world. If we look back in time (before 1981), we will know fewer characters than today. These codes aren’t the same and reveal important information and secrets. However, to explain the vehicle identification number in the best way, we divide it into the following parts:


We divide the Audi VIN into three different parts. Here are the names of those parts with essential information that they reveal:

World manufacturer identifier (WMI):

The red part is mentioning the WMI, and it helps to check the manufacturer. Moreover, it helps to find the location where the vehicle is made and the type of it.

Vehicle description section (VDS):

The black and central part is known as the VDS. However, it helps in checking the specs of the vehicle. For instance, we can learn about the engine type, size, and much more.

Vehicle identifier section (VIS):

The last and blue part is known as the VIS. However, it is a serial number that discriminates every Audi from others. The following table is decoding the Audi VIN with the help of characters.

1 to 3rd characterManufacturer identifier
4th characterSeries of the Audi
5thEngine type
6thThe restraint system
7-8thThe model of the vehicle
9thCheck digit (Security code)
10thModel year of the car
11thAssembly location
12-17thThese are the sequential production #

Locate the Audi VIN:  

The VIN is printed on the vehicle. However, it is effortless to locate the number because it prints in several places. Usually, there are the following familiar places to find the Audi VIN.

  • The most comfortable place to find the Audi VIN is the windshield.
  • The other place is the driver’s door jamb. Here you will find a sticker that will tell the production date of the Audi.
  • You can find the Audi VIN on the front strut tower on the passenger side.
  • And you can check VIN on the multimedia interface.

The trunk area, under seats, or title are some other places where you can locate the Audi VIN decoder number.

Top 4 Best Audi VIN Decoders

Here is the best Audi VIN decoder that you can use to check all the vehicle’s essential information.


carvertical vin decoder

If we talk about the Best Audi VIN decoder, then we can’t ignore naming Carvertical. The best services of this VIN decoding company helped to make it number one. However, it offers blockchain car reports. Carvertical is the world’s first service that is offering blockchain-based car reports. Above all, the usage of technologies and advanced software provides the best value against money. It reveals accurate information, and you can easily rely on it for making any deal.

Quick features:

  • It checks the vehicle history.
  • Millage rollback and hidden damage reports
  • Check the number of owners.
  • Reveal common faults of the model
  • Carvertical offers discounted prices with premium services. You can get the Audi VIN decoder report for $15.99 instead of $21.32.
  • Bring theft records, and the accuracy of the reports is unmatchable.

Moreover, the Carvertical continually updates the system and software to ensure the best service.


carfax vin decoder

Carfax it is another prominent place for the Audi VIN decoder. However, this platform ensures quick, right, and timely data. If you want to get in-depth history reports, then prefer using this decoder.

Quick features:

  • The overall rating of this best Audi VIN decoder is 8/10
  • It offers free recall checks.
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Provide information on used vehicles to millions of users
  • It provides separate auto auction report packages.

3rd – EpicVIN

epicvin vehicle history report

EpicVIN is the best Audi VIN decoder that you can access easily. It provides swift car reporting without any error. Moreover, the user-friendly interface of these VIN decoder makes it easy for the users. It works in a fast-paced manner.

Quick features:

  • A positive rating is 8.5/10
  • Offers an error-free reporting
  • An unmatchable companion that supports the car buying decision
  • The fair pricing range attracts customers.
  • Works flawlessly in Europe, Asia, and North America


autocheck vehicle search

People who want to use a quick, reliable source to check Audi’s history should prefer using the “Auto check.” However, it is a VIN decoder with one of the most extensive search databases to check the record.

Quick features:

  • The overall positive rating is 8.5/10
  • Moreover, hundreds of positive reviews are there to support the claims.
  • Auto check runs the initial VIN check free of cost.
  • It offers 21 days unlimited reporting option.
  • Provide detailed car history reports
  • The fast database and swift service helped to grab a position in top tier VIN decoder services.


If you want to buy a pre-owned Audi, then use any of the above best Audi VIN decoders to check the history. It will help you to know whether you are buying what you were expecting to get. Audi is manufacturing vehicles in German, Austria, Poland, Mexico, and Spain. But each country has a different VIN. So, it’s hard for any VIN decoder to get all info. But Carvertical is working with a fast database to ensure swift reporting. Hence, if you want to avoid confusion, you can use Carvertical as a first choice to check the vehicles’ history. So, don’t search here and there and use the best Audi VIN decoder to get accurate results.

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