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Simon Will on Feb 05, 2023 at 12:02 PM
best mercedes benz vin decoder

If you aim to find the best Mercedes VIN decoder, you landed on the right page. The market is filled with VIN decoders, but the real aim is to find the best ones. But before finding out the best one, learns about the specs and detailed information. Thus, let’s start with the following: 

Check your Mercedes’ VIN now: History of the luxurious vehicle

Mercedes is a well-known company that makes luxurious vehicles. However, the company has headquarters in Stuttgart and produces luxury and commercial cars. If we look at the record, the company has sold around 2.31 million passenger cars. The company is working on the Slogan: 

“The best or nothing.”

So, the company’s primary aim is to ensure quality; that’s why they introduced the VIN system. If you are buying a used Mercedes, VIN helps a lot in the whole process. 

Mercedes VIN Decoder

Mercedes is a well-known company that came into existence in the 18th century. However, till now, it’s ruling the market by producing commercial and luxurious vehicles. So, people choose Mercedes due to its impressive specs, models, and robust designs. But if you are buying a used car, don’t forget the importance of a 17-digits VIN. It is a unique code used to identify Mercedes in the whole world. Mainly the number used to tell things like: 

  • History of the vehicle 
  • Specifications 
  • Manufacturing unit 
  • Vehicle type 
  • Production plant 
  • Accident details 
  • And engine type along with many other things 

So, if you are wondering if Mercedes parts are used or if the vehicle indulged in an accident, then use the VIN. However, for this purpose, you take the help of online VIN databases to ensure the car’s authenticity. 

Find the VIN on Mercedes 

If you can’t find the Mercedes VIN, don’t worry because it’s easy. Here are the following places where you can look for the VIN: 

  • Look behind the windshield on the dashboard of the driver’s side 
  • Door jamb of the driver’s side 
  • The number may be printed on your vehicle’s engine, which is the most expensive part. 

Still, if you can’t find the code, look at the vehicle’s registration and insurance certificates. However, after identifying the code, use the best Mercedes VIN decoder to decode the information. 

mercedes benz vin decoder

How to use the Mercedes VIN decoder? Decode the code

Earlier, we discussed Mercedes VIN decoder breaks down important information into different parts. But the real aim is to understand what the VIN code means. So, let’s figure out the 17-digit code: 

1-3rd characters: 

We call 1-3rd characters “World Manufacturer identification.” However, these numbers tell the origin of the vehicle. Here are different terms that may use in 1-3rd numbers: 

WBDMercedes BENZ
WDDDaimler AG
WDFMercedes Benz commercial
W1KMercedes Benz in the United States

The letter W indicates that Mercedes has a German origin. The ISO institute implements the format, and no one can question its authenticity. 

4th-8th character: 

The 4th-to 8th character is famous as the “Vehicle description section.” However, it defines engine type, class model, and vehicle series information. Here is the overlook of standard Mercedes VDS codes: 

  • EW124 is for E class 
  • FR129 is for SL class 
  • GW140 is for S class 
  • HW202 is for C class etc. 

The company always issues new codes; that’s why it’s a good idea to use the best Mercedes VIN decoder to catch up on the information. 

9th character: 

The 9th character represents the security number, and it doesn’t tell anything about your vehicle. In simple words, it’s a semi-random number those manufacturers can use to ensure the car’s authenticity. 

10th-11TH character: 

The 10th character represents the model year cycles, numbers, and letters. The company has different codes for all years. Here are examples for your understanding: 

A1980 = 2010B1981 = 2011L1990 = 2020
M1991 = 2021N1992 = 2022P1993 = 2023

Apart from this, the 11th character shows information about the production plant and assembly location. Mercedes has 22 different assembly plants in the country, and these characters tell us about the location. 

12th-17th character: 

These are the vehicle’s serial numbers, and in common words, we know them as chassis numbers. It represents how the brand makes it off cars on the assembly line. Mainly, this number is beneficial for collectors who prize the vehicle that arrives earlier. 

What is the best Mercedes VIN decoder? A list of top VIN decoders

According to estimation, the market for used cars is becoming more significant than the new ones. So, it would help if you remained extra cautious while buying a used vehicle. After reading the above section, if you have made up your mind to buy a used car, then take the help of the VIN decoder. 

1st: CarVertical

carvertical vin decoder

carVertical has grabbed the first spot in our best Mercedes VIN decoders list. The service has become the talk of the town due to its unique features and extraordinary service. Moreover, it’s the world’s first VIN decoder based on blockchain technology. Here are other highlighted features of this best Mercedes VIN decoder

  • The overall rating is 9.4/10, and the VIN decoder provides a detailed report about the vehicle’s history, title records, mileage, and accident details. 
  • The database is backed by the NMVTIS, which helps to gather authentic information from global sources. 
  • It’s a user-friendly database that came into exitance in 2018 and had a database of more than 50,000,000 vehicles in North America and Europe. 
  • Above all, the CarVertical focuses on delivering quality to its customers, and the system has 200,000,000 odometer records registered. 

Moreover, the reports are reliable and easy to read. The system checks vehicles’ condition and issues a score from 1-10. The scoring depends on the odometer reading, mileage, model, engine condition, and damage data. 

Pros & Cons: 

Like other databases, the CarVertical isn’t free from errors. So, here is the list that will give us a glimpse of the firm and weak points: 

First VIN decoder that is based on Blockchain technologyNeed to work hard to make a spot in the market because it’s relatively new
Affordable priceIt doesn’t provide options for bulk buyers or car dealers
Provides fast and reliable reports
Has vast database to check vehicles from the USA and Europe
Customer support works 24/7 

If you want a single report, it will cost around $15. But you can benefit from discounted offers in case of bulk purchases. The payment method is easy and transparent.  

2nd: EpicVIN

epicvin vehicle history report

EpicVIN is grabbing the second spot in our best Mercedes VIN decoders list. It helps get detailed reports if you plan to buy a used car. Above all, EpicVIN offers an offer in which they provide the first vehicle report for free. Here are features that make this VIN decoder unique from others: 

  • It provides detailed reports that include information from different aspects. For instance, the data tell us about the vehicle’s model, year, type, body, and manufacturing origin. 
  • Due to amazing, discounted offers, it’s best for car dealers 
  • It provides precise yet detailed reports in minimum time 
  • The system takes information from NMVTIS, which has a vast database in the USA. 

Moreover, the company facilitates users and offers a user-friendly experience at an affordable price. For instance, you can get reports by VIN or US license plate number here. 

Pros & Cons: 

Though it’s a simple yet excellent service, it’s essential to read the pros and cons before giving this service a try: 

Affordable priceThe company needs to work on its customer service
Fast and easy database that makes the report generation effortless
Vast database to check the record of used cars
Detailed reports with one free sample report
Easy payment methods 

If you are still confused about the service, you can visit the main website to check real-life reviews of past customers. 

3rd: Carfax

carfax vin decoder

The next best Mercedes VIN decoder on our list is the Carfax. People living in the USA and Canada most probably have heard about Carfax. However, this famous decoding tool includes information like vehicle history, mileage, title information, and accident in reports. Furthermore, there are other added features of this pioneer VIN decoder: 

  • Carfax came into existence in 1981, and till now, it is one of the largest databases.  
  • The company’s mission is to provide extensive car history in North America and Canada. 
  • The system has more than 22 billion documents to check the vehicles’ history and data. 
  • The Carfax collaborated with police agencies, insurance companies, and law enforcement agencies to get assistance in reports. 
  • Moreover, the reports provide information about the odometer reading, title information, ownership details, and accident. 

If you are interested in getting Carfax’s best Mercedes VIN decoder reports, it will cost you around $40/single. But you can save money after buying a bulk package. 

Pros & Cons: 

Carfax is an excellent alternative to other VIN decoders. But like other decoders, the service comes with positive and negative points: 

Offer detailed reportsIt doesn’t have a robust database in Europe
Famous in Canada and the USA due to excellent serviceThe information doesn’t include accident details
Easy to read reports
Helping to improve purchasing decisions for more than 40 years
Largest cross border database

If you have any questions or face problems, Carfax’s customer support is just an email away. But if the problem is small, you can chat online to get real-time assistance. 


Best Mercedes VIN decoder plays a crucial role in saving hard-earned money. Moreover, it tells essential information and saves time. So, it’s always a wise decision to get a full-length report on the vehicle’s condition. In this way, you can stay away from cars with bad history and reports. 

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