Best Toyota VIN Decoder: An ultimate guide

Simon Will on Feb 05, 2023 at 12:02 PM
best toyota vin decoder

Did you ever hear about the term “best Toyota VIN decoder? If not, today’s writing is all about VIN and making wise buying decisions. Mainly it helps to check whether the vehicle is fault free or not. So, if you were ignoring this vital thing, you should feel left out. However, before making any decisions, one of your first should be to check the Toyota VIN decoder. But it’s only possible if you are aware of its uses and how it works. 

What is a VIN decoder? Best Toyota VIN decoder

Generally, VIN stands for a vehicle identification number. In simple words, we can say it’s like the fingerprints of your car. But keep in mind that every vehicle has a unique number that helps know the information. The VIN is a 17-digit/character long number or code printed on the car’s body. In simple words, we can say this number is like a signature for any vehicle. So, if you are planning to buy a car, then it’s a wise decision to look up the VIN. The VIN trend has been in the market since 1981, and the number looks something like this: 


Each position of the number and character represents a specific aspect of the vehicle. The code describes essential information like: 

Manufacturing detailsProduction yearVehicle’s history
Production plantType of engineModel details
Accident historyEngine specificationsInterior, exterior, and safety equipment details

Apart from this, the VIN helps to know technical specifications, available styles, and trims. So, you will enter the code, and the vehicle’s history will be just one click away. 

Toyota VIN Decoder 

The history of Toyota is long. In the first year of manufacturing, Toyota sold 288 vehicles. However, it was the first year when the history of VIN decoding began. But it is vital to tell here that the first model of Toyota was a flop in America. So, if you find it hard, then VIN is located on the driver’s side dashboard. Apart from this, you can find it on the windshield at the lower corner. But if the Toyota is from 1989 to today, you will find it on the driver’s side doorjamb. Toyota also uses stickers, but these fade over time. Here are the following places where you can find Toyota’s VIN stickers: 

  • You can find it on the radiator support. 
  • See the front fenders on both left and right sides; it’s easily visible from the engine compartment.
  • Raised hood’s front edge 

Apart from this, you can find it below the rear hatch. But the location depends on the make and model year. For instance, if the vehicle is before 1989, find it underneath the passenger’s seat. 

toyota vin decoder

History of Toyota: A story of boom

In 1981, Toyota started to assign a VIN to each vehicle. However, the code provides crucial information about Toyota vehicles. “Toyota motor corp.” is a famous Japanese multinational auto company headquartered in Aichi. Here is some random information that you should know: 

Company nameToyota motor corporation
Headquarter inJapan, City Aichi
Founded in1937 and producing 10 million vehicles per year
Famous for producingFuel efficient hybrid electric vehicle
Sub-brands Daihatsu, Hino, Lexus, Ranz, & Namesake

The company has been listed on London, Nagoya, New York, and Tokyo stock exchanges. In short, it’s a great company that has transformed a small company into one of the industry leaders. 

Things that the Toyota VIN Decoder tells 

In recent times, Toyota has eliminated all manual work of VIN decoding. It’s a 17-digits number that tells so many facts about the car. Here are the following things that you can decode with the help of the best Toyota VIN decoder: 

  • Market value 
  • Equipment information 
  • Fuel economy ratings 
  • Safety check 
  • Warranty information 
  • Recalls and defects 

So, if you are about to buy Toyota, don’t ignore the best Toyota VIN decoder. Apart from this, it helps if you want to replace or repair parts, check the consistency of the vehicle, or want to check for a fake VIN before buying from a private seller. 

How to decode Toyota VIN? Meaning of the VIN

Many reasons urge you to start using the best Toyota VIN decoder. But it’s a proper task to decode the VIN. So, let’s explain the order and information of Toyota VIN. The code comprises on 17-digits that represent the following things: 

1st position: 

The first position of the VIN represents the vehicle’s country of origin and manufacturing. So, each country has a specific character that represents that area. For instance, American cars have code that starts from 1,3 and 5. The Japanese model also starts with the “J” to identify the origin. 

2nd position: 

The second number represents the automaker who is responsible for the model. Each automaker has its letters to represent the vehicle. For instance, Toyota uses “T” to identify vehicles. 

3rd position: 

The third number represents the vehicle’s class or division. Many Toyota models like sedans, Pickup, SUVs, and hatchbacks. So, VIN differentiates all these models with the help of this number. 

Apart from this, here is the list breaking down the remaining part of the 17-digit code. So, we start with this: 

4th-8th positionIt’s all under the vehicle description section and provides detail about the brand, style, model, and series.
9th position9th position represents the security code and confirms whether the VIN is valid or not
10th positionIt helps to identify the model year
11th positionDefine the plant code and where the vehicle got assembled
12th-17th positionThese six digits form a production sequence number. The company gives this number to each vehicle when it leaves the assembly line.

In short, the best Toyota VIN decoder helps identify everything from fuel tank capacity to test ratings. Many VIN decoders services can help crack the code in the right way. 

List of best Toyota VIN decoders: Take help from experts

After reading the above information, you have understood that Toyota is obliged to make vehicles in a certain way. But despite having VIN, you can’t decode the code without any help. So, here is the best Toyota VIN decoder that can assist you on this road. 

1st: CarVertical

carvertical vin decoder

It’s another yet fastest-growing Toyota VIN decoder available in the market. The company has implemented new technologies and processes to provide data to the users. However, here are the following qualities that make it unique from others: 

Highlighted features: 

  • CarVertical is one of the first services that is backed by blockchain technology. 
  • It provides full-length, detailed reports, including history, title records, accidents, damages, and mileage records. 
  • Moreover, the service is fastest with a user-friendly interface and creates easy-to-read reports. 
  • If you want to check the vehicle’s market price, you can take the help of CarVertical. 
  • The prices are affordable and market competitive. 

So, if you want detailed yet accurate reports, then give this site a chance because it gives reliable reports. Above all, if you face a problem, then you can contact customer support anytime for a solution. 

2nd: Carfax

carfax vin decoder

Carfax has been doing wonders in the market since 1981. There are hardly any people in Canada and the USA who don’t know about this VIN decoder. The services started the mission to become one of the leading and most extensive car history databases. The company has a vast database and information exchange with more than 20,000 sources. 

Highlighted features: 

There is no harm in saying that Carfax is one of the leading VIN decoders. Apart from this, it comes with the following other qualities: 

  • It provides detailed car reports, but Carfax doesn’t offer information about the vehicle’s damage history 
  • It has one of the largest databases, including insurance companies, security institutes, police departments, etc. 
  • Overall, Carfax has more than 20,000 independent sources to cross-check the information 
  • You can get one report for around $40, making it a bit more expensive than other VIN decoders 
  • The Carfax also covers Europe along with America and Canada, but the Europe database is a bit weak. 
  • Here you will get an email and real-time assistance in case of glitches or queries. 

In short, here you will get information about everything from odometer readings, accident details, inspections, repairs, etc. The company is working to improve the used car market. 

3rd: EpicVIN

epicvin vehicle history report

It’s a VIN decoder service provider famous for reliability and genuine reports. The reports are well-written and include everything you need to make a buying decision. Above all, the company offers extra features that have a record of the recall test. We can say, EpicVIN is a cost-effective alternative to Carfax and CarVertical. 

Highlighted qualities: 

EpicVIN is a great option that offers excellent delivery rates. In addition to this, here are other features of this service: 

  • The EpicVIN has collaborated with NMVTIS to ensure the authenticity of reports 
  • Here you will get detailed reports that include everything like a model, manufacturing year, trim, country, origin, body style, etc. 
  • Moreover, EpicVIN offers a facility where you can scan the barcode/VIN code through the app. 
  • The swift and accurate reports make it a user-friendly option 
  • It includes the records of billions of cars, and the beauty of this platform is in its simplicity 
  • A cost-effective alternative that is suitable even if you are a car dealer 

But the service needs to work on the live chat feature that remains offline. Apart from this, the website doesn’t have important information like working hours and contact numbers. So, these are a few things that EpicVIN should improve to make the experience even more worthy. 


The best Toyota VIN decoders have their industrial strengths. But the best option is the one that goes best with your budget and requirements. For instance, if you are a car dealer, then go with cheap options, and the situation would be different in the case of an individual buyer. The only necessary thing is that you should ask for VIN. If your dealer is showing unwillingness, then it’s a red flag. 

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