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Trabant VIN decoder

Trabant VIN decoder

500 Universal

600 Limousine

600 Universal

601 DeLuxe

601 Hycomat

601 Kübel

601 S


800 RS

P50 Limousine

P50 Prototype

Where is the car’s VIN located?

  • 1. The bottom corner of the windshield on the driver’s side.
  • 2. Under the bonnet, next to the latch.
  • 3. On the front end of the vehicle frame.
  • 4. Inside the door pillar on the driver’s side.

VIN Number Schema

EU & North America more than 500 vehicles/yearWMIVehicle AttributesCheck DigitModel YearPlant CodeSequential Number
EU & North America fewer than 500 vehicles/yearWMI9Vehicle AttributesCheck DigitModel YearPlant CodeManufacturer IdentifierSequential Number

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